Our services include:


  • Untitled-3Newborn Care: Expectant parents are encouraged to schedule a prenatal visit, for which there is no charge. This allows you to become acquainted with our office staff and provides an opportunity for Dr. Schiavone to answer any questions you may have about the care and feeding of your newborn. Dr. Schiavone provide full in-hospital care for newborns. Instruction in newborn care and support for the breast-feeding mother are provided through daily hospital visits and scheduled office visits soon after discharge. Dr. Schiavone performs circumcisions with local anesthesia for those parents who desire this elective procedure.
  • Infant and Well Child Care with anticipatory guidance focused on monitoring nutrition, behavior, and school readiness. To implement this we follow guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics for regular physical assessments and consultations from birth through school entry. Thereafter a physical exam every year is recommended.
  • Immunizations in accordance with the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Center for Disease Control.
  • School, Sports, and Camp Physicals for our patients from nursery school through college.
  • Evaluations for school failure due to developmental delay, learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder.
  • Acute Illness and Injuries are always provided an appointment the same day. Minor lacerations are repaired in our office.
  • One of the doctors is always available for advice after hours if you have acute concerns about your child’s health. By doing so, unnecessary trips to the emergency room can often be avoided.

To schedule an appointment please call 540.667.5400.